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Academic instruction and internship experiences are core elements of Mount Prospect Academy’s holistic treatment philosophy. We specialize in working with difficult-to-serve youth who have not succeeded, academically or behaviorally, in a more traditional academic setting.


We provide full school days at MPA's main academic campus in Plymouth, NH. Our teachers provide competency-based instruction, and they employ innovative strategies to help non-traditional students learn. We offer academic support services for individualized learning, and our students have full access to the general education curriculum, as outlined in the New Hampshire curriculum standards. Classroom teams are comprised of two certified teachers, one special education teacher, and two to three support faculty.


Academics are an essential component in our treatment plans, and each student’s sending district is considered a key stakeholder in all planning efforts. Our students are enrolled in the appropriate academic classes as defined by their sending school district’s graduation requirements and Mount Prospect Academy’s recommendations. MPA also awards graduates with a high school diploma that meets the New Hampshire state minimum  standards.


MPA also promote students transition to adulthood by emphasizing work skills development. We believe that internships are the best way to bridge the gap between schooling and landing a great job. Our internships provide students with valuable work experience, allowing them to learn the ropes from experienced professionals. At the end of an internship, students have the relevant experience necessary to help them decide if they’re interested in pursuing a career in the field of their internship.


Throughout the year, students will be required to participate in a variety of assessments and evaluations. The purpose of these assessments is providing our academic teams with insights into each student’s strengths and areas needing improvement.  


MPA is enhancing its curriculum by developing the Extended Learning Opportunities program. This initiative will allow students to earn high school credits while exploring new academic subjects that interest them. We are also moving toward developing personalized learning plans for all students.

Meet Our Leadership

Karen Langley

 Director of Academics

As Director of Academics, Karen’s priorities include oversight of all academics provided by Mount Prospect Academy and serving as the Principal and Special Education Administrator. Karen’s duties include the development, implementation and oversight of each student’s individualized education plan, curriculum development, professional development for teaching staff, vocational programming and oversight of the school approval process and continuing quality improvement.

Karen joined the Becket Family of Services in September 2008 after spending 10 years as the Education Administrator at Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc. Prior to working at Eckerd; Karen was a Principal at the Errol Community School, a K-8 school located in Errol, NH.

Karen earned her Bachelor’s Degree at New Hampshire College, now known as Southern New Hampshire University majoring in Human Services, earned her special education teaching certification through coursework with Granite State College and her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership at Plymouth State University.


Karen has been on the Board of Directors for the New Hampshire Association of Special Education Administrators for the past fourteen years serving two terms as their president. Karen has previously been appointed by the Governor to the DCYF Advisory Board and served on that board for four years. She has been an adjunct professor for Granite State College and has taught both traditional and online classes including Special Education Law, Foundations of Education, Students with Disabilities, Developing IEP’s and Assessing Students with Disabilities. Karen was born and raised in Milford, CT.


Having worked in a variety of educational settings with students of all ages and abilities, Karen’s believes that education does not need to happen inside the four walls of a building or from a textbook. Students learn from their experiences and these experiences occur everywhere. As educators, we need to be aware of the teachable moments that occur with our students throughout the day. We need to help our students make connections between their experiences and a lesson learned. Just as important is we need to possess the desire to motivate our students to get them excited about learning.

Jay Marshall

Head of School

Jay has an extensive background in educational leadership, behavior intervention, teaching, and public speaking with an emphasis on systems analysis. 

He has a history of consistently delivering innovative curriculum, guiding faculty in professional development, providing safe and respectful solutions to conflict through mediation, and developing and implementing standardized policies and procedures. 

Jay earned a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis For Special Populations from UMass Boston in July 2012, and a M. Ed. in Educational Leadership from Plymouth State College in May 2002.

Jay served as Head of Schools for Becket Family of Services until June 2014. He worked at Granite State College, SAU #23 New Hampshire School District, and then returned to Becket as Academic Head of School in 2018.  

Matt Gelinas

Dean of Student Support

Matt’s goal is to work successfully in a residential setting with individuals who have disabilities — helping to improve their quality of life, health, and independence.


In 2013 after graduating from Plymouth State University with bachelor’s degree in adventure education, he started working at Mount Prospect Academy as a youth counselor.


In September 2014, Matt was promoted to assistant program manager at MPA, and then in January 2015 he was promoted to manager of MPA’s Comprehensive Assessment & Short-term Treatment program. In July 2018 Matt became MPA’s Academic Dean of Students.

Matt describes himself as having strong interpersonal and communication skills.