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Mount Prospect Academy believes that the least restrictive environments are the best settings for therapy. We provide home-based and community-based therapy services throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

MPA's continuity of care model, with an intensive permanency and strengths-based focus, can help children, adolescents and their families maintain stability and self-sufficiency. Our teams work closely with families in their own environment, creating the best possibility for lasting impact. We are skilled in providing trauma-sensitive treatment and maintaining a trauma-informed approach within all operations. Engaging with challenging families is our strength. We demonstrate the utmost respect for our clients and try to bring our their voices into everything we do.


MPA offers home-based therapy for individuals, family therapy, mentoring, family education, role modeling, community integration activities, targeted case management, residential crisis stabilization, comprehensive assessment, and other therapeutic interventions. These services rely on engaging youth and their families with flexible permanency teams. Ultimately, the permanency team's role is ensuring that the family and community are working together to support the youth when MPA is no longer involved with the family system. The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) guides our core treatment philosophies. BBI supports trauma-informed treatment that is based on student strengths, youth driven, and family and community guided.


The in-home community based services are provided by a tight-knit group of skilled professionals providing intensive client driven services to families. Within the various service models, the team can work closely with families in their own environment, creating the best possibility for lasting impact.

We offer two different community based programs: Project Connect, In-Home Individual Service Option and Solid Foundations, Home Based Therapeutic Services. These programs operate with the goal of preventing and/or minimizing out-of-home placements, and helping youth transition back to their home communities from residential care.

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