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Becket House at Rumney

The Becket House at Rumney (BHR) focuses on helping students mitigate problematic sexual behavior. The program also helps students overcome non-sexual criminal behavior and thinking.

Students at BHR receive more supervision and treatment than a traditional residential service. Our 16-bed program adolescent residential program maintains a 1:3 caregiver-to-student ratio. Each student is assigned to a master’s-level clinician who takes responsibility for managing treatment.

Punishment-only approaches to address undesirable behavior do not work (Smith, Goggin, & Gendreau, 2002), and this finding is consistent with criminological, psychological, and educational research. Likewise, past attempts to frighten youth away from problematic behavior have sometimes made matters worse. Programs that make intuitive sense to adults, such as Scared Straight and boot camps, have not yielded the positive results.  

Mount Prospect Academy’s comprehensive assessment approach supports the development of quality, individualized treatment plans, and we effectively measure treatment outcomes on a personalized basis. The program focuses on addressing problematic sexual behavior, mental health, substance abuse, and maladaptive behaviors. We also identify students' dynamic risk factors associated risk of re-offending.

At the core of our model is the assumption that treatment must be individualized to be effective. We start treatment by conducting comprehensive assessments that help our team tailor treatment plans to students. BHR faculty may use assessment tools such as the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory 2.0, Juvenile Sex Offense Specific Treatment Needs and Progress Scale, Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol – II, and other measures as necessary. 


Our team maintains expertise in adolescent development, and we place emphasis on understanding the role of traumatic events and adverse childhood experiences. We focus on other contextual factors, such as family concerns, peer groups, community influences, individual strengths, and cognitive limitations, etc.


During treatment, students are engaged in three different groups: Aggression Replacement Therapy, which helps students learn social skills, aggression control, and moral reasoning; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy focusing on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal skill building; and Street-wise to Sex-wise, which provides high-risk teens with a comprehensive model on human sexuality.

Rumney House One Page Program Description

Meet Our Leadership

Morgan Swift

Executive Director

Sandra Brown

Program Manager

Morgan finds fulfillment in providing individual, group, and family therapy. She enjoys forming connections with her students and helping to support students’ reunification with their families. 


In 2011 she earned a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Johnson State College. Morgan began working with Becket as a permanency specialist in 2012, providing therapy for adolescent males and families, developing treatment plans and completing client intakes, among other responsibilities. She became a milieu clinician at the Rumney House in January 2015 and then clinical coordinator in 2017. Morgan was promoted to executive director at the Rumney House in March 2018. She is responsible for oversight of all service delivery at the Rumney House.

Sandy particularly appreciates connecting with her students and staff – acting as a coach and mentor. A highlight of the job for Sandy is when MPA alumni contact her and she gets to hear about their successes in life and their aspirations for the future.

She focuses on really listening to student needs, offering them respect, patience, and her full attention during conversations. She focuses on rewarding students for positive behavior and actions, rather than punishments when students display negative behavior. She has three sons: Sean, 15; Brandon 19; and Tyler 26. She is also the grandmother of Bryson, who is five years old.

Sandy moved to New Hampshire in 2004 and that year she started working as a youth counselor in the Rumney House. She was promoted to weekend house manager in 2005, and in 2008 she became a supervisor for the Becket Independent Living Program in Pike, NH. When the program closed in 2009 she left Becket and began working at the Hunter School in Rumney NH. She worked there until September 2015 when she came back to the Rumney House as an awake overnight staff member. Within a year, she was promoted to assistant program manager, and then Sandy was promoted to program manager in November 2017. She is responsible for day-to-day operations and student well-being at the Rumney House.