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Faculty Spotlight: Hilel Gubenko

June 11, 2018


Throughout his employment with Mount Prospect Academy, Clinician Hilel Gubenko has embraced opportunities to provide clients with corrective emotional experiences, and he has created opportunities for clients to connect with positive, accepting, and non-judgmental adults; maintaining a “drops in a bucket” approach to residential and clinical work.


Hilel (pictured above) has been a member of the CAST since the program opened in its Plymouth location in 2014. Prior to that, Hilel held several roles with MPA, and he has worked from a youth counselor position to a residential program director. Hilel attributes his longevity to the committed, passionate, and enthusiastic colleagues who he gets to work with, as well as the many opportunities that MPA allows to connect with clients through playing guitar, snowboarding, and playing sports.


Hilel’s unique life experience of growing up in the Soviet Union and Israel and engagement in military service allows him to assume nonjudgmental and curious stances towards a variety of client populations, presentations, and needs. Hilel also relies on his ability to take perspective as a way to shed light on a client’s unique experience and work with clients within the context of their life versus operating from an “adult knows best” stance.


Hilel takes great pride in his ability to advocate for clients through trainings, along with report and assessment writing. He cares deeply about his client’s rights and needs, and he works relentlessly to encourage independence, self-efficacy, and assertiveness with his clients and their families and also his colleagues.


Hilel is grateful from the support and dedication that his colleagues provide to the clients and one another. When he is not working with clients, he can often be found jamming out to Grateful Dead in the music room or offering humorous distractions and one liners to colleagues who are working alongside with him.

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