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MPA NEWSLETTER: A bumper crop of summer successes for you to pick from

August 3, 2018


Mount Prospect Academy’s staff and faculty are excited to see the summer progressing! The warm weather has been great for our students to get outside swimming, fishing, adventuring, and participating in other forms of outdoor learning and healthy exercise.

Renovation and landscaping work is mostly complete at our 19 Owl St. property in Campton, NH. The facility improvements include the addition of a new greenhouse, which MPA will use to educate students in agriculture. MPA plans to serve vegetables that are grown in the greenhouse at school meals.


Local community members may have noticed our staffers wearing new, neon-colored Mount Prospect Academy branded staff shirts. “We are happy to represent our company and our students with bright, easily identifiable t-shirts,” MPA Human Resources and Employee Development Director Ladd Raine said. “I'm pleased to note that MPA has continued to partner with community restoration projects, and we are committed to deploying additional community safety efforts.”


MPA recently welcomed several new faculty members - including our new residential administrator, Joe Michel. Joe will bring a great amount of experience, forethought, increased programmatic offerings, and increased depth to our faculty training sessions. We are happy to also welcome several new academic and residential faculty members who are looking forward to serving our students. 

As our summer academic session winds to a close and we transition into the fall, MPA anticipates more activities for students, including fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and other forms of outdoor learning and exercise. 

“Our faculty are interested in sharing their interests and skill sets with students,” Raine added. “This will allow our students to experience more learning opportunities and successes as the summer ends and fall progresses.”  

One final highlight is that MPA recently had a student discharge, and our staff highly anticipates the new successes that are instore for his future!

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