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MPA students cut, split, and deliver firewood for Warren families in need

November 21, 2018


As he loaded firewood into a trailer for delivery to a family in need, Mount Prospect Academy student Hunter D. said he was feeling good about himself.


“I like to be able to say, ‘Yeah, I helped that person out. It’s my good deed for the day, and I like doing good deeds every day,'” Hunter said.


Hunter was volunteering for a new MPA initiative that has supplied free firewood to families in the Warren area.


People receiving the firewood are elderly or having health problems, and they haven’t been able to stack up their wood pile ahead of the winter, Warren Town Administrator Austin Albro said.


Upper Valley Stewardship Center Director Mike Adamkowski has led the initiative. He guided students in cutting down trees on MPA land, splitting the wood, seasoning it, and finally delivering the firewood to families. So far MPA students have helped deliver about four-and-a-half cords of wood to four families in need, Adamkowski said.



“A lot of the families that we’re helping, there are road blocks standing in the way of them cutting and stacking wood themselves,” Adamkowski said. “We’re really helping some people out who truly need a hand.”


Albro, the Warren town administrator, has worked as an intermediary for the program — connecting Adamkowski with the people requesting firewood assistance.


 “There’s definitely a big need in Warren,” Albro said. “We’re fortunate to live in such a small community where everyone knows everybody.”


When Warren town employees learned about a family or individuals who needed assistance, they reached out to MPA for help, and the school has stepped up with assistance, Albro added. 


“The recipients of the wood have been thankful,” he added: “We definitely welcome the students to continue working on projects. It’s awesome that the students can have a visible role in helping out the community.”

Adamkowski added that he's looking forward to delivering more firewood to families in the future. 

“We’ve still got some more to do,” he said. “We just got asked last week about helping another family out, and we’re going to do that after Thanksgiving.”

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