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Mount Prospect Academy’s Sub-Acute program offers highly-supportive, structured residential treatment for students who have struggled in standard residential treatment programs. MPA's Sub-Acute students have, in most cases, experienced multiple traumatic events. They have unique needs and challenges which require carefully planned, long-term treatment. The program is designed to prioritize safety and supervision while maintaining a calming, low-stimulation environment.

The program is composed of two separate communities that are located at MPA's Becket House in Campton, N.H. The program houses a maximum of 12 students, and serves students who range from 11 to 20 years old. Sub-Acute's small community size and its 4:5 faculty-to-student ratio allow us to serve students who exhibit extreme behavioral challenges.

Sub-Acute first aims to make students feel safe and respected, and then our staff begins working on stabilizing high-risk, maladaptive behaviors. MPA recognizes the instrumental role that all faculty members play in establishing a safe and trusting environment. Sub-Acute staff specialize in treating students who display explosive, aggressive, and violent behaviors. Students work with a masters level milieu clinician, who takes a lead role in providing case oversight and clinical support for the student and their family. Students are also assigned a permanency coordinator, who provides supervision such as curfew checks and crisis support, while also ensuring that students and their families are adequately connected to long-term community supports.


Once students have been assessed, faculty members focus on helping students improve self-regulation and coping skills while also establishing positive, healthy relationships and experiences. Although each youth is different, common behavior goals could include decreasing self-harmful behaviors and minimizing substance abusing behaviors, physically aggressive behaviors, and other mental and behavioral health safety concerns. Our hope is that this program can serve as the first steps in our students' lifelong journey of establishing trust, happiness, and success.

Sub-Acute One Page Program Description

Meet Our Leadership

Ian Detamore

Executive Director

Ian graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Psychology with a focus on Deaf Studies. He went on to earn a M.Ed. in School and Community Mental Health Counseling from Ohio University in 2008.

After obtaining his master's, Ian accepted a position as a Community Clinician at the Becket House in Campton, New Hampshire. In the past 10 years, he has held several positions within Becket in both MPA's residential and community-based settings, including Permanency Specialist, Treatment Coordinator, Intake Coordinator, Clinical Director and Director of Operations. Ian also supported the development and implementation of MPA's Comprehensive Assessment and Short-Term Treatment (CAST) Program.

Ian is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). His primary background is in adolescent recovery with a background in trauma work. He commonly uses a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach along with Reality Therapy and Restorative Justice. He also has considerable experience working with problematic sexualized behavior and students with a fire-setting history. Ian additionally utilizes TF-CBT and EMDR, when appropriate.

Dave Morris

Program Director

For more than 12 years, Dave has excelled at building rapport and achieving successful treatment outcomes with some of Mount Prospect Academy’s of the most challenging and explosive students.

Dave graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2002 with a bachelor’s in history, and in 2006 he became a youth counselor at the Becket House of Plymouth. Working as a youth counselor, Dave demonstrated a passion, and natural ability, for building relationships with challenging students. He was quickly promoted to program manager at the Becket House in Campton. Dave served in the program manager role until 2010 when he left the agency for an opportunity to work with gang-affiliated teens from Oakland, California.
After gaining more experience and working with a variety of different populations, Dave returned to Becket in 2013 for an opportunity to serve in as program manager for The Becket House at Plymouth, NH.

In April 2015 Dave became the first program manager for MPA's newly developed Sub-Acute program. Throughout his career, Dave has demonstrated, time and again, his ability to build rapport with students and staff, help others feel safe, and inspire those around him.