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Imagining the Past

Mount Prospect Academy students from Campton, Plymouth, and Rumney proudly displayed their individual projects last week at the campus locations. Students at MPA campuses learn using a variety of traditional and nontraditional modalities to gain academic skills. These projects provide an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge, develop essential skills, and foster creativity. To […]

Give a Book, Take a Book

Mount Prospect Academy’s involvement in the Little Free Library movement began as an outgrowth of its Experiential Literature Adventure-based Trauma Informed Treatment program. The concept was simple enough- get students outdoors to explore the beauty, sublimity, and wonder of the New Hampshire woods. Use trail maps, geography, and literature to connect students mentally and physically […]

Let’s Talk Turkey

In a display of community spirit, the Faculty and students of Mount Prospect Academy gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday. This year’s Thanksgiving buffet luncheon was not only a feast for the stomach but also a celebration of gratitude and togetherness. The opportunity to share the meal extended to all students. Those able to gather at […]

Wet and Cold = Fun!

Mother Nature brought her best team to the “Turkey Bowl” at Husky Field in Plymouth, but she proved no match for the team of students of Mount Prospect Academy. The victory on this day went to the students. The event, which has taken place for more than 30 years, brought together more than 50 students […]