Prom Day

The “Prom Day” is a tradition started at Squamscott River Academy in 2021. Since then, the occasion has blossomed into the biggest annual event of the school year.  This year, for our small school of 22 girls, May’s Prom Day ensured that our students could relax and enjoy a normative American high school tradition that some MPA students could possibly miss out on. As in past years, the girls have the opportunity to dress up, ride in a limo, dance to a live DJ and enjoy a fine meal. It’s a chance for students to let loose and enjoy themselves with friends. Instead of worrying about what might happen in the future, prom day is all about the present moment and enjoying the experience.


Over the past three years, Squamscott River Academy has collected donations of prom dresses, shoes, and jewelry for the students. This year the Elks Lodge of Portsmouth donated the use of their gorgeous banquet facility to accommodate the event.  Salon De Vai, in North Hampton, volunteered some lady-hours to provide updos for the students to have fancy hair for the event this year. Lastly, Candid Cliques of New Hampshire donated their photobooth services to help capture the magic for everyone who came.

To get ready for the end of the school year event, MPA Faculty staff go all out for the day, helping the girls in any way possible, tending to last minute needs, and most importantly putting the girls first – letting them know that they are the focus of the day.  Of course, all of the staff dressed up as well which made the events’ formality an affair to remember.





This year included a Prom Court, complete with crowns and sashes, and a photo booth that captured the wonderful memories of the day for the students to cherish.  The tradition of Prom reminds our students that while being young can be stressful at times, it can also be thrilling!