Thanksgiving meal at Mount Prospect Academy

Let’s Talk Turkey

In a display of community spirit, the Faculty and students of Mount Prospect Academy gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday. This year’s Thanksgiving buffet luncheon was not only a feast for the stomach but also a celebration of gratitude and togetherness. The opportunity to share the meal extended to all students. Those able to gather at the Career Development Center (CDC) in Rumney, New Hampshire with Mount Prospect’s leadership team were able to enjoy each other’s company in a safe, supportive, and festive environment. The annual holiday tradition exemplifies the values of belonging, sharing, and teamwork that defines Mount Prospect Academy.

Thanksgiving embodies the spirit of hospitality and as such members of Mount Prospect’s leadership team decorated and served the meals to the Faculty and students for the event.

Jay Marshall, Head of School, who donned a bicycle emblazoned service apron (see below) for the occasion noted, “The immense value of occasions such as this are in the unifying sense of camaraderie and equity the staff, leadership, and students share together- the connection made is critical to our mission.” In his view, “It really reminds us all why we do what we do- and what we want our students to learn while they are with us- service, compassion, and commitment.”

Thanksgiving meal at Mount Prospect Academy

This year’s classic Thanksgiving dinner was prepared by students in Mount Prospect’s Culinary program. If the line for seconds and thirds was any indicator, the thick slices of turkey and whipped mashed potatoes, hearty stuffing and chilled cranberry sauce, and creamy butternut squash all smothered in hot gravy satisfied all!

Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Crème Pie, dozens of Chocolate Chip Cookies washed down with ample amounts of Eggnog and Apple Cider ensured that following dessert each stomach was filled with the delicacies of the fall holiday season. The gathering brought the tastes, smells, and a reminder of the interconnectedness and need to be mindful of recognizing the value of our shared experiences no matter the difficulties we face.

If one listened in on the conversations among the group present, the clarity that events such as this play a critical and equal part in fulfilling the educational and clinical mission of Mount Prospect Academy would be easily apparent. The resounding “Thank-Yous” that echoed from the students as they departed to continue their daily schedule, mixed with the reinforcing well-wishing smiles and “Good-byes” of the Faculty made this occasion far more than just a meal.

We are all aware that sharing a meal can provide support during challenging times. It is a time when people can come together to share not just food but also a social-emotional bond. This annual Thanksgiving feast stood to remind each of the attendees of the transcendent power of compassion, being mindful of others, and the value of service that ties the Mount Prospect community together.