Turkey Bowl at Mount Prospect Academy

Wet and Cold = Fun!

Mother Nature brought her best team to the “Turkey Bowl” at Husky Field in Plymouth, but she proved no match for the team of students of Mount Prospect Academy.

The victory on this day went to the students.

The event, which has taken place for more than 30 years, brought together more than 50 students and faculty to test more than simply their skills on the gridiron.

Turkey Bowl at Mount Prospect Academy

To be outdoors with friends, to socialize, to make and share the memories of how cold it was, to laugh about who crashed the worst in the snow, or who was a candidate for MVP, or to simply be a spectator and watch the game- each student present was a part of the day’s excitement and challenges.

Either way, the first challenge was to simply find the field!

For that to happen a little teamwork, some shovels, a few snowblowers, and some patience mixed with a healthy bit of determination was needed.

Turkey Bowl at Mount Prospect Academy

The annual Turkey Bowl game allows for a healthy, relaxed, and inclusive competition among peers guided by the staff of Mount Prospect Academy. Students are instructed and required to respect the rules and their fellow competitors. For all involved this football game is a learning experience as well.

Like all teams, understanding the abilities of their teammates and acceptance of the diversity of personalities and skills each “player”, as individuals, brings to the field is equally as important to the competition. Fostering such respectable, unifying, and self-regulating experiences is a key component of the mission of Mount Prospect Academy.

The slipping, sliding, and stumbling that came with this year’s Turkey Bowl served as a reminder to faculty and students alike- that getting up and getting “back in the game” after falling is a critical part to the experiences and challenges in life that we all share.